OnlyFans Accounts To Avoid

Last Updated on June 4, 2023

Undoubtedly, OnlyFans serves as an exceptional platform for anyone who loves adult entertainment! As most social media companies have prohibited adult content on their platforms, OnlyFans remains the sole website that offers a practical solution for individuals like us to access exclusive content from our favorite pornstars or other content creators and even communicate with them directly.

Although OnlyFans is a fantastic website, there are some shady characters out there trying to rip people off. This can range from lying about what they’re offering to straight up scamming people out of their money. When we search for the best OnlyFans accounts we find a lot of them are low quality or just plain fake. For example, some models promised to send us live pics or videos during sexting sessions but all we got were old pics from their previous sets. It’s also common for content creators to hire agencies to run their OnlyFans accounts and make it seem like you’re chatting with a real model, but you’re actually talking to some random dude in the Bahamas.

It gets even worse! Have you ever come across those popular “NO-PPV” promises when you subscribe, only to realize later that 99% of the content is still PPV? And on top of that, you only get one short and blurry video with no pay-per-view option. It’s a total rip-off!

Believe us, we have seen a lot!

Avoid These OnlyFans Accounts

The lack of a clear refund process on OnlyFans can be frustrating. If you have a complaint about a transaction or content, you can reach out to the OnlyFans support team. They will review your claim and investigate the issue further. The best way to avoid disappointment, keep an eye on this page where we list all the OnlyFans models to avoid. We not only blacklist them, but we also explain why. So, before subscribing or booking a sexting session, make sure to check our list of untrustworthy OnlyFans accounts.

Sasha Sky
Ugh, the $50 subscription is a total rip-off! There's hardly anything worth checking out on the timeline. Don't waste your cash!
Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne has been accussed by OnlyFans users of scamming people, as the actor's 'nude' photo turned out to be a lingerie shot, similar to images shared on her Instagram.
Noemie Lili
Some Reddit users have accused Noemie Lili of using false advertising. For more details on these claims, you can refer to the following links:
Ana Vavx
Some users have made claims that Ana Vavx has engaged in misleading advertising. Further information, including a chat exchange, is available below for your reference.
It has been reported that even after receiving payment, there have been instances where custom content orders have not been delivered.
Kelly Milana
Kelly Milana has been accused of manipulating subscribers with false promises of love and in-person meetings to extract more money for content. Her subscriber shared experience of being scammed into spending more money on the model's VIP page, only to have a planned meeting cancelled and conversations turn cold. Other subscribers also report similar experiences of the model's deceptive behavior.

What Are The Most Common Scams on OnlyFans?

False advertising: This is when content creators make promises or guarantees that they don’t fulfill. For example, they may promise to provide specific content or services, but then fail to deliver or provide low-quality content.

Fake accounts: Some scammers create fake OnlyFans accounts to trick people into paying for content that doesn’t exist. They may use stolen pictures or videos to make it look like they are a legitimate content creator.

Pay-per-view (PPV) scams: Some content creators may advertise that they don’t have any pay-per-view (PPV) content, but then charge extra fees for access to their best content.

Subscription traps: Scammers may offer free trials or low-priced subscriptions to lure people in, but then start charging them much higher fees. These scams can be difficult to spot because they often use vague or confusing language in their terms and conditions. Subscribers may not realize they are signing up for a recurring subscription or may not know how to cancel it.

The Importance of Safety

We encourage you to read our guide titled “Is OnlyFans Safe?” where we provide best practices for using the platform, including payment and anonymity. You can take a number of measures to ensure that your experience on OnlyFans is enjoyable.


Magnis Hardy
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