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Last Updated on May 28, 2023

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When our model scout Erin and I were discussing who to recommend in the crowded ebony OnlyFans category, Ebony Sorceress caught our attention for more than just her voluptuous curves. Her intriguing stage name was the first thing that piqued our interest, hinting at the possibility of something otherworldly and seductive. And then, as we scrolled through her free account, we couldn’t help but be drawn in by her sultry and provocative gaze. There was something about her that suggested a hidden layer of dark sensuality that we just had to explore.

And boy, did she deliver. When we finally saw her in action, we were bewitched by her mastery of the art of seduction. The way she moved her body was like a spell being cast, leaving us powerless to resist her allure. With every twist and turn, she seemed to weave a web of black magic around us, pulling us deeper and deeper into her world of lust and desire.

So no, it’s not just her fat ass and big boobs that make Ebony Sorceress stand out. It’s the way she combines them with an undeniable aura of mystique and eroticism that makes her truly captivating. She is a true sorceress of the black arts, and we are but willing victims of her dark sexual magic. She had cast a spell on me, and I knew that I would be coming back to her for more.

Ebony Sorceress OnlyFans Content Reviewed

Let me start by saying Ebony Sorceress is an OnlyFans creator who knows how to grab your attention and keep you hooked. One of her most striking features is her ability to switch things up and display different sides of herself. One day she can be the charming girl-next-door, shaking her voluptuous butt for your pleasure, and the next day she will captivate you with her impressive tits. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, she will surprise you with a video of her getting a facial, leaving you gasping for air. With her ever-changing, unpredictable content, it’s no wonder that she has amassed a devoted following on OnlyFans.

If this sounds intriguing and you’re looking to get a glimpse of what Ebony Sorceress is all about, then a good starting point would be subscribing to her free OnlyFans account. Although she also runs a paid one, the free subscription gives a good idea of what to expect from her. From what I’ve seen, there is a nice variety of content available in her free account. You can expect to see a fair share of ass twerking, big boobs photos, and short teasers for B/G content. Her content is well put together and provides a good introduction to what she’s all about.

Spicy Content
Infrequent Updates
PPV Prices Reasonable
Needs More Content
Great for Ebony Admirers
Tips Required to Message The Model

The real deal is, of course, PPV content. The videos showcase a range of hot and slutty action, including solo performances, blowjobs, handjobs, and multiple positions for an unforgettable experience. The doggy style scenes are particularly noteworthy, with plenty of ass worshiping and pounding from behind to satisfy fans of that particular style. In addition to the videos, the photos available for purchase are also high quality and well worth the cost. And speaking of cost, Ebony Sorceress’ prices are reasonable and affordable, which is always a plus. With these factors combined, the paid content offers great value for those looking to indulge in some serious ebony action.

Ebony Sorceress’ paid subscription is a good option for those who enjoy her content and want to see more of it. For $10 a month, subscribers can access a slightly wider range of content than the free account. However, it’s important to note that the frequency of new content uploads is not as high as other ebony girls on OnlyFans. In comparison to other creators like Charlotte Lavish who adds new content nearly every day, Ebony Sorceress adds new content every 5-7 days. Despite this, the content available in the paid subscription is still of good quality and covers a variety of categories, including solo and B/G videos, as well as photos.

Ebony Sorceress OnlyFans Experience

One potential downside to Ebony Sorceress’ OnlyFans account is the requirement to either subscribe to her paid account or tip $5 in order to send her a message. While it’s understandable that the hottest OnlyFans women may receive a lot of messages and want to monetize their time, it can be frustrating for fans who simply want to get a feel for the model before committing to a paid subscription or tipping. It can be difficult to gauge a model’s personality or level of engagement without some form of communication, and the $5 fee can feel like a waste if the conversation turns out to be brief or uninteresting. Although some models, like Jasmine Smith, offer high-quality live sessions, not all models can provide this level of interaction, making it all the more important to be able to communicate in other ways. As a result, some fans may give up on the idea of sexting or video chat altogether.

How Much Does Ebony Sorceress’ OnlyFans Cost?

Ebony Sorceress runs two OnlyFans pages, with her paid page costing $10 per month. Her PPV content is within industry standards and ranges between $20-$40.

Two accounts: Free or $10
PPV Content
Average $20-$40

Ebony Sorceress OnlyFans Verdict

In conclusion, Ebony Sorceress definitely brings the heat with her naughty and varied content, featuring a good amount of solo videos, blowjobs, handjobs, doggy style, and even facials. While the monthly subscription price of $10 is reasonable, the messaging system is a bit of a drawback with the need to either pay $5 or subscribe to send a message. This may make it difficult for some to connect with the model before subscribing. Additionally, while Ebony Sorceress already has a naughty persona, it would be interesting to see her explore group collaborations, which could be an exciting addition to her collection of videos. With that said, if Ebony Sorceress puts more effort into growing her OnlyFans page, she could become one of the top models on OnlyFans. Fans looking for some dark magic will definitely be pleased with her content.


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