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Last Updated on July 6, 2023

Connie Perignon is one of the most intriguing Asian OnlyFans models. She made a transition from a corporate career to the adult industry, leveraging her background in fashion and tech. Since entering the adult content market, Connie has amassed a substantial following on Twitter and OnlyFans, and has also collaborated with prominent brands such as Playboy. I discovered Connie through her active presence on Twitter, where she shares glimpses into both her personal and professional life.

As an OnlyFans creator, Connie prioritizes delivering high-quality content to her fans. In the interview with she says she engages with them through live streaming and social media interactions, creating an authentic and vibrant brand identity. Despite facing challenges and self-doubt, Connie takes pride in her accomplishments and remains dedicated to pushing herself further in the industry.

Well, intrigued by her self-introduction and her open-minded and adventurous personality, I decided to subscribe to Connie Perignon’s OnlyFans page to explore her paid content.

Connie Perignon OnlyFans Content Reviewed

There’s no doubt that Connie’s exotic looks can tempt any enthusiast of Asian-themed content, especially if you appreciate heavily tattooed models. Therefore, I was quite eager to explore all the NSFW content on her timeline to admire more of her beauty.

Great Video Content
Small Photo Gallery
Quick Responses
Pricey B/G Content
Offers Customs

After subscribing, I received a welcome message, but unfortunately, it was only a text message instead of a short video introduction that I really enjoy. While it’s not a significant flaw, I do believe it’s worth learning from some of the celebrities with OnlyFans accounts who have set a high standard in welcoming new subscribers with seductive and often humorous videos. It just adds that personal touch that we all appreciate!

Connie Perignon’s Pictures on OnlyFans

Subscribing to Connie’s OnlyFans grants you immediate access to a vast collection of over 800 photos, with the majority of them being NSFW. Unlike the restrictive limitations found on mainstream social media platforms like Instagram, you can enjoy an unrestricted and uncensored experience on Connie Perignon’s OnlyFans gallery. Her collection features a variety of themes, from solo shots that showcase her sensuality and beauty to hardcore scenes of passionate encounters in B/G or threesome scenarios. These include blowjobs and cumshots captions. You’ll also find a mix of sexy selfies, where she captures intimate moments with a hint of playfulness, and seductive lingerie shots that accentuate her curves. If you’re a fan of big booty models on OnlyFans, you’ll find plenty of pictures that will bring you joy and satisfaction

It’s clear that with each photo, Connie aims to excite her audience, offering a diverse selection of content that keeps her subscribers eagerly coming back for more. The only downside here is the relatively smaller number of photos compared to some other creators on the platform. For instance, when compared to creators like Kianna Dior on OnlyFans, who boasts an extensive collection of over 2,500 NSFW pictures, Connie Perignon’s gallery may appear comparatively smaller.

Connie Perignon’s Videos on OnlyFans

When it comes to videos, while short previews are available, all full-length videos on Connie’s OnlyFans page are pay-per-view (PPV) and cater to a wide range of sexual fantasies. From JOI performances to anal and squirting, B/G encounters, threesomes, and even BBC scenarios, Connie covers a diverse array of desires. Additionally, for those with a foot fetish, there is feet content available for purchase.

If you have previously watched Connie’s videos on PornHub, you will already have an idea of what to expect. As a passionate performer, Connie’s clips are action-packed and can be quite explicit. One thing is for certain – you will not be bored when watching Connie Perignon’s OnlyFans videos. Personally, I was particularly impressed by a threesome clip she recorded with Payton Presslee, another inked girl with an amazing body. Together, they create an unforgettable experience.

Connie Perignon OnlyFans Experience

There are several aspects I consider when reviewing the fan experience, and in most of them, Connie does well. She is quick in replying to messages and provides clear answers without being overly pushy with sales. Additionally, she offers a spin wheel feature that allows you to have a chance at discounted content. Another aspect that I appreciate is her willingness to provide a personalized experience for those seeking more of her content. You can request text or video dick ratings, as well as custom photos and videos tailored to your own secret preferences. While video calls are not available, she does offer sexting sessions, often combining it with unlocking all of her content for the duration of the session. However, please note that this type of texting comes with a cost of $200.

Connie Perignon OnlyFans Sexting
Furthermore, for a monthly fee of $50, you have the option to join Connie Perignon’s VIP club, which grants you priority responses, personalized requests, and the ultimate girlfriend experience (GFE).

One area that could improve the fan experience is to improve the navigation or tagging system for easier access to specific types of content. Additionally, a pinned tip menu providing easy access to pricing information would be beneficial. Our review of Sky Bri’s OnlyFans page explains a prime example of how to create a user-friendly experience. Perhaps Connie could draw some inspiration from this fellow creator.

How Much Does Connie Perignon’s OnlyFans Cost?

A monthly subscription to Connie’s OnlyFans page will cost you $9, while the prices of PPV videos vary depending on the theme. Foot fetish clips are priced at $15, solo content at $25, B/G and BBC at $40 and $50 respectively (a bit pricey to my liking!). Custom photos are available at $20 per photo, while custom videos are priced at $100 per minute. Text-based dick rating is priced at $15, while video rating costs $25.

The VIP club membership is priced at $50 per month, and for a special sexting session that includes access to all content without additional charges, the cost is $200.

PPV Content
VIP Club
Dick Rating
Written: $15
Video: $25
Custom Content
Video - $100 (per minute)
Photos - $20 (per photos)

The Verdict for Connie Perignon’s OnlyFans

So, what’s the final verdict? It’s a resounding yes! I really enjoy Connie Perignon’s content on OnlyFans, and I appreciate the extra effort she puts into catering to her audience through personalized features. While I would appreciate more photos for the monthly fee of $9, the quality of her content surpasses the quantity. Connie’s collection is sufficient to ensure a satisfying experience for her subscribers. Moreover, it’s evident that she puts her heart into creating her content, and her performance doesn’t come across as mere acting or a job. She displays authenticity and has a fun personality, which shines through in her interactions in the chat.

If you’re contemplating whether it’s worth subscribing to Connie Perignon’s OnlyFans, I believe you can confidently hit that subscribe button and access her naughty world.

Proof of Subscription to Connie Perignon’s OnlyFans Page

Connie Perignon OnlyFans subscription
Please note you must be 18+ to access Connie Perignon’s OnlyFans content.


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