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Last Updated on October 25, 2023

Welcome to OnlyReviewer, where two naughty souls, Magnus Hardy and Erin Lordy, spend their time indulging in the best OnlyFans accounts. As avid users of the platform, we decided to put our experience to good use and share our recommendations with the world.

We don’t have any secret deals with models or agencies, and we’re not affiliated with OnlyFans. Our reviews are the real deal, and yes, they are fueled by our subjective, horny opinions. We have our preferences, but we promise our judgment is crystal clear. We’re all about finding that spicy content, good prices, and those sexy vibes that get our hearts pumping just as much as yours. So come along and let us be your guide to the hottest OnlyFans accounts out there.

Magnus Hardy – Chief OnlyReviewer

Magnus Hardy
Greetings fellow spicy content enthusiasts! I’m Magnus, one of the OG OnlyFans users. I stumbled upon the platform back in 2016 when a female friend invited me to her profile. Let’s just say I was impressed by her flexibility…and hooked on the platform. I’ve been a returning visitor ever since.

But with the platform exploding in popularity, it’s become a bit of a minefield. Shady marketing tactics, overpriced subscriptions, and underwhelming content are everywhere. That’s where OnlyReviewer comes in. We give honest, no-BS reviews so you don’t get duped by the hype.

I don’t have any deals with the models I review or OnlyFans itself. I just want to give you the real deal, based on my own experience.

And by the way, Magnus Hardy is just a pseudonym. I’m a real person, but staying anonymous so my traditional neighbors don’t have a heart attack when they find out I’m all about that spicy content. Now, about my profile pic: it’s the product of my fertile imagination. Think of it as a stunning and dashing version of Magnus Hardy, because let’s face it, OnlyFans is all about living in a fantasy world, right?

So go forth and conquer, my friends! OnlyReviewer is here to guide you on your OnlyFans journey.

His Majesty Magnus Hardy

Erin Lordy – Chief OnlyReviewer Scout

Erin Lordy Avatar
Hey there! Call me Erin, the other half of OnlyReviewer. You should know I have specific preferences. I’m not just into men – I also have a thing for the ladies. OnlyFans has been a revelation for me, offering up some seriously hot content that’s even better than traditional porn. And when I met Magnus, I finally found someone who understood my…secretive passion (we’ll keep it at that!).

While Magnus does most of the writing, I’m the one who scours the depths of OnlyFans to find the hottest models for us to review. I’ve got a great eye for spotting hidden gems, and I love finding models who can really engage with their fans and deliver that intimate, naughty feeling. Of course, that means I have to wade through a lot of spicy content to find the cream of the crop. But hey, someone’s gotta do it!

Our goal is always to give you an honest review that will help you make an informed decision about where to spend your hard-earned cash. With so many options out there, it can be a real headache trying to figure out who’s worth your time (and money). We’ve got your back!

And just like Magnus, I’ve got an alias – Erin Lordy. Let’s just say my naughty side doesn’t always play well with my professional profile on LinkedIn.

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